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bff-meme (2.09 MB, 2012-11-22)
AutoDLAutoDLPlayOnGH 1-6 Players Files
By: Sektor Wario5 DAFE Elypter (2011-12-13) Tags: STY bff-meme.gmp
Muffin Eyes: very hard to destroy but no vehicle machinegun, handbreak lets it rotate quickly allowing to destroy other cars by crash damage.\n Purple Smart: vehicle bomb, teleport, flame proof.\n Yellow Quiet: only explodes with 1 rocket if it is burning big, 4 times the mass of usual cars, mines, instant bomb, increase gang respect for all gangs\n Cyan Fast: extreme speed, drive over cars, instant bomb, gets destroyed by only 1 rocket (not a feature ;) )\n Apple Hat: bullet proof, invulnerable redneck gang\n Fashion White: double firerate turret, clear wantedlevel and increase to 4 for others\n Sister Moon: bulletproof, rocketproof, switch between day and night by pressing horn\n Party Pink: fast acceleration, fast turning speed, bus door, flame proof Weapons : unknown STY bff-meme.sty
max. WantedLevel : 0-6 SCR bff-meme.scr (.mis)
min. GTA2Version: 11.39 --- no custom RAW
DuskSupport: true STY bff-meme.gxt
Size: unknown STY bff-meme.gci
bff-meme.mmp MMP dir folder
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